Change Your Hair and Take 10 Years Off!

Many women have the same hairstyle at 40 that they had at 20, but what is cute on a 20-something can start to look aging once you reach your forties. Luckily, dealing with signs of aging on your hair is a lot easier than dealing with signs of aging on your skin! Instead of spending all your money on expensive skin care products, give a new hairstyle a try instead. It may just give you the fresher, youthful appearance that you've been looking for!

Next time you visit a hair salon, take this handy list with you and see if you can both agree on something that will freshen your look and make you look and feel more vibrant and youthful.

Try a centre part and waves 

There is something young and carefree about a centre part and soft, tousled waves; this style will give you a whimsical quality, an 'I-just-woke-up-like-this quality', that is endlessly flattering. A centre parting suits most face shapes, but if your face is particularly round, a slightly off-centre parting will probably suit you better.

Have some layers cut in 

Layers are incredibly flattering on faces that are starting to sag around the jawline, so if you find you have a little softening in that area, ask your hairdresser to cut in some layers that softly frame the face. 

Get some feather hair extensions 

If you really want to get playful, feather hair extensions are a good way to go. They add colour and pizzazz without the commitment of a crazy colour change. 

Ask your hairdresser for a fringe 

Do you have pesky lines on your forehead that you'd like to cover? Make a fringe your best friend. Not only do they cover lines, there is something inherently youthful about a fringe, something that harkens back to the school playground. So, go retro and ask your hairdresser to give you a fringe.

Darken Up 

Too-blonde hair can look aging on mature skin. If you want to be blonde — and blonde can be very forgiving if you're trying to cover grey — then pick a warmer, more golden tone. Warm shades are a lot more kind on aging skin. 

Have regular haircuts 

Split ends are the most aging thing you can have on your hair. If your ends look frazzled and brittle, there is a chance you will too. Make sure you get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks.