Things to Discuss With a New Hairdresser

When you visit a new hairdresser, you might be so concerned about your cut and style that you forget how this person doesn't know your hair and any concerns you might have or your overall hair care routine. Knowing these things can ensure that you're taking proper care of your hair so that it always looks its best and that a hairdresser can work with your hair's natural features to provide you with the best cut and the best advice possible. Note a few things to discuss with a new hairdresser when you make your first appointment.

1. Note if you color, perm, or relax your hair

A hairdresser should use certain products on colored or treated hair; some shampoos and other such products can strip color or interfere with relaxers, perms, and the like. You might assume that a hairdresser can just tell from looking at your hair if it's been colored or otherwise treated, but this isn't always the case. It's best to discuss this with them so they can adjust the products they use and also note if the chemicals you're using are damaging your hair in any way.

2. Ask about hair loss

Your doctor can tell you if your hair loss is due to a medical condition, medications, and the like, but a hairdresser might also be able to give you good advice on how to stop this from happening. There may be certain products you can use for shampoo that help to stop hair loss or re-grow hair, or they may note if you're damaging your hair so that it simply seems very thin. They can also give you advice on styling your hair so that you don't pull it out at the roots or cause breakage and weaken the hair shaft.

3. Discuss recurring problems with your hair

Don't assume your hairdresser is just there to cut your hair; they can tell you what may be causing constant split ends, uneven coloring, limp hair, oily scalp, dandruff, and the like. You may be using a product that isn't meant for your hair type, or they may see how you're irritating your scalp from excessive shampooing and other such habits. A hairdresser can also advise you on how to address these problems with different products, such as better coloring brands, hot oil treatments for split ends, or root boosters that lift very limp hair at the roots.

Your hairdresser can be a great resource for keeping your hair healthy, but you have to do your part and remember to talk to them about any concerns you may have.