Help Your Hairdresser Maintain Your Hair Colour for Longer

According to Roy Morgan Research, more than 38 percent of Australian women had their hair coloured, cut or styled during the first half of 2015, which means it's clear that maintaining the perfect hair is high on many ladies' agendas. Whether you like to colour at home or you prefer visiting a hairdresser, there are ways to maintain your hair colour for longer.

Colour at regular intervals

Despite your best efforts, either your colour will fade or roots will begin to appear. As such, you should undergo colouring every four to six weeks to maintain the right shade. If you're considering a new shade, always remember to enquire about skin patch testing first.

Protect your hair from the elements

Chlorine and hair dye do not mix, so if you enjoy taking a dip every so often, make sure you wear a swimming cap. When chlorine interacts with blue based hair dyes, the hair undergoes a bleaching effect, which often leaves it with green undertones. In some instances, chlorine simply strips the dye faster, which shortens the length of time between colouring sessions. 

If you're a fan of hot showers or hot tools, you might want to reconsider your approach. When you apply lots of heat to your hair it opens up the cuticles, which then makes it easier for dye to wash out. Try washing at a cooler temperature, drying at a lower setting, and stepping back from the straighteners every once in a while.

Similarly, your hair starts to suffer if it encounters too many UV rays, leading to the base colour lightening. If you're not ready for nature's own answer to highlights, try seeking out a hair product that protects against the sun.

Pay attention to how many products you use and when you use them

Even if your hair starts to look slick after a day, you should try to hold back on washing it. This strips the dye faster, and it's just as easy to use a little talc or a dry shampoo that contains hints of the tones you want to keep. To go even longer between washes, consider using your hair's freshly tousled nature as an opportunity to try out some top knots or updos. They tend to hold better between washes and when your hair looks stylish you'll soon forget about trying to make it squeaky clean. Finally, consider adding a little coconut or jojoba oil to your usual conditioner. As they both contain lots of moisture, they'll lock in colour for longer.

There's no secret science to ensuring your dye lasts longer. With a consistent approach, you'll do yourself and your hairdresser a favour.