How To Encourage Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment is a key weapon in the battle against cancer.  Unfortunately, one of the side effects of chemo is hair loss.  So how do you encourage your hair to grow back once your chemo treatment has finished and you are in remission? Hair regrowth after chemo Your hair will naturally begin to grow back once the chemo drugs are out of your system.  This takes place over many months and begins with a soft, fuzzy covering of 'baby' hair. [Read More]

Things to Discuss With a New Hairdresser

When you visit a new hairdresser, you might be so concerned about your cut and style that you forget how this person doesn't know your hair and any concerns you might have or your overall hair care routine. Knowing these things can ensure that you're taking proper care of your hair so that it always looks its best and that a hairdresser can work with your hair's natural features to provide you with the best cut and the best advice possible. [Read More]

How To Care For Your Human Hair Extensions While On A Beach Holiday

Beautiful long hair when teamed with an on-trend sexy swimsuit certainly gives you a touch of holiday glamour.  But how can you make sure that your human hair extensions stay in perfect condition from the moment you step onto the beach until the flight home?  Read on for some helpful tips. Sun protection Just as your skin needs protection from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays, so does human hair. [Read More]

Change Your Hair and Take 10 Years Off!

Many women have the same hairstyle at 40 that they had at 20, but what is cute on a 20-something can start to look aging once you reach your forties. Luckily, dealing with signs of aging on your hair is a lot easier than dealing with signs of aging on your skin! Instead of spending all your money on expensive skin care products, give a new hairstyle a try instead. It may just give you the fresher, youthful appearance that you've been looking for! [Read More]